Industrial Mechanical Contractor in SF Bay Area

Jenson Mechanical, Inc. has been serving the Bay Area for more than two decades as one of the area’s leading General Construction & Mechanical Contractors in northern California. JMI is a one-stop single source contractor, because we can take a project from its initial concept to inception and all the way to completion.

We design, fabricate and then install everything we make and thereby turn our clients’ ideas into reality in a seamless process. We make sure that each project is done right, because we do every aspect of it ourselves.

Our company motto has always been the same—Integrity and Innovation, but there are several other qualities that we believe separate us from the rest.

Industrial Mechanical Contractor | Jensen Mechanical | San Francisco East Bay

Industrial Mechanical Contractor | San Francisco Bay Area
We take a positive and professional approach in everything we do, because it’s in our DNA. We’re a “can do” company and always look for the best solution available, because the customer is always king at JMI.

Industrial Mechanical Contractor | Union City
Through continuous training and ongoing education, we make safety and cleanliness a #1 priority. Production commitments are a major deliverable on every job, but safety becomes first and that’s why our people are carefully monitored and rewarded for utilizing safe practices.

Industrial Mechanical Contractor | California
High Standards
“Good” has never been enough at JMI. We want to impress our customers, rather than simply satisfying them or just fulfilling their requirements. Our ultimate goal on every project (large or small) is to exceed our customers’ highest expectations and complete every aspect on deadline and within budget.

Industrial Mechanical Contractor | Nevada
Every day, our shop and field mechanics, estimators and office staff is looking for the best way to do our next job—whether it’s as simple as fabricating a small air duct or performing a complete turnkey installation for a large manufacturer. Each project needs its own solution and finding it is what we do, because a “one size fits all” template approach just won’t work.