Industrial Plant Relocation Services

By focusing on reducing relocation costs and alleviating downtime, JMI is able to save money by helping its clients to navigate through the potential pitfall associated with Plant Relocation projects. Plant Relocations can be stressful and can obviously impact your day-to-day operations, and that’s why we take the load off you as we carefully take every project through the planning stage all the way to its successful completion.

In the process, we can assist you in making any enhancements to your system, so that when you’re in the new location, you’re more efficient and more productive. The first step is to provide AutoCAD schematics of your new facility, devising your machinery layout and enabling you to install a more efficient workflow. Once the preliminary planning is complete, JMI can design all of the ancillary systems involved, including dust collection, compressed air, ductwork, piping and electrical layouts.

At every stage, we sit down with you to assess the situation, while always looking for better ways to save time and money. By absorbing the lion’s share of the planning, we’re able to save our clients literally thousands of dollars in outside engineering and consulting services.

Once the planning is complete, it’s time to embark on all of the other factors associated with the move—scheduling, coordinating and then implementing the relocation itself. Part of what we bring to the table is also our skills in assisting you in attaining the required permits needed for any Plant Relocation (building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, AQMD, etc.) That way there will never be a delay in the delivery of your product.